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What makes ZAZACORONA different from other disinfectants out in the market?

ZAZACORONA has Benzalkonium chloride and also Glutaraldehyde, a disinfectant commonly used to sanitize and disinfect healthcare facilities. This combination of active ingredients makes ZAZACORONA both a bactericidal and a virucidal, effective in killing viruses and bacteria.

Is it safe to use as a hand sanitizer?

Our virucidal disinfectant is a multi-surface cleaner, ZAZACORONA is not meant to be used as a hand sanitizer.

Do I have to wear gloves when handling the disinfectant?

There is no need to wear gloves when using a cloth sprayed with ZAZACORONA when disinfecting your home or office.

However there are rare cases where individuals are sensitive to certain chemicals. If you experience this, part of normal precautions in using household chemicals would be to wear kitchen gloves or surgical gloves when available.

Please note that spraying or applying the disinfectant directly on your skin is still not recommended.

Is it safe to use for homes with babies and children?

Yes, it is safe to use the disinfectant when cleaning and disinfecting homes with babies and children.

However, as zazacorana is a contact disinfectant and is not meant to be ingested, we do advise that all surfaces applied with ZAZACORONA to be dried first.

Can I use it on surfaces such as metal, leather, glass, plastic, wood, and more?

Yes, ZAZACORONA’s concentration is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-staining. It is safe to use on all surfaces, including metal, leather, glass, plastic, wood, aluminium, etc.

Can I use the disinfectant for my car?

Yes, ZAZACORONA can be used to disinfect the exterior and interior of your car with focus on the door handles as well as steering wheel.

Can I use ZAZACORONA for mopping floors?

Yes. Our disinfectant can be used when mopping floors, and there’s no need to dilute the solution before using.

What type of spray bottle should I use for ZAZACORONA?

We recommend using a HDPE type of plastic spray bottles when refilling ZAZACORONA.

Once ZAZACORNA is applied on surfaces, how often do you need to reapply the product?

For household application, the product is effective on applied surfaces for 5-7days. If the treated surface gets contaminated often, it is advised to reapply on a daily basis.

In public and industrial places where high human traffic is encountered, the product should be applied on 12 hrs interval.

What is the shelf life of ZAZACORONA?

24 months.

Is it safe for household with pets?

Yes. However, do not apply the product directly on pets nor should pets be allowed to lick or ingest the product after the surface has been sprayed on surface areas.

How much area can 1 litre cover? (For mopping and wiping)

Roughly, one (1) litre of Zazacorona can cover 10 to 15 square meters or 100 square feet.

Is it odourless?

The surface disinfectant has a citrus smell.

What is the recommended re-application interval of Zazacorona?

Frequency of application depends on the human traffic the area receives. For example, a hospital or a healthcare facility may require to re-apply it every hour or after every patient consultation. Generally, reapplication of Zazacorona can be done every 12 to 14 hours.

Can I spray Zazacorona?

Yes, you can spray Zazacorona by using the spray head attached on Zazacorona 500ml bottle, by using a Knapsack sprayer, or by using a power sprayer.

Can I use Zazacorona for cold or Thermal fogging?

No, it cannot be used for cold thermal fogging.